Weddings Abroad Apostilles

Weddings Abroad Apostilles When you are getting married outside of the U.S.A .
Many foreign countries may require you to produce your legal documents such as Birth Certificates, Divorce Decrees, and Certificates of No Impediment with an Apostille Certificate attached.

This means that your original documents have to be legalized correctly before you travel For most people this is an added inconvenience while organizing their wedding.

We are here to be a help by getting the Apostille Certificates that you may need for your oversea wedding.

We know how important your original documents are to you so we will take care of them from the moment they arrive. We do not use third parties to process them, they are in our possession all the time other than while being processed at the State Offices.

They are delivered and collected by hand by our own staff at all times and returned to you in 3-4 days.. Please contact us (805)832-9105 for more advice and support with your Apostille service request.