birth certificate

Birth Certificate

In old days, It was normal for a birth certificate that it was  issued by your original country, it was usually accepted by the other  foreign country.

Since the 1962 Hague convention,many  member countries are now requiring  that your birth certificate it must have the Apostille Certificate before it presented and to be accepted by the foreign country and as your valid birth certificate.

If you are going to live and to reside a  foreign county, your birth certicate must obtain the Apostille Certificate in order to be accepted by the foreign country.

Also, the  apostille Certificate and your birth certifiacte may be requested  for  as identification purposes, when seeking employment, for couples marrying overseas, or when registering a U.S.A  birth certificate  in another country.

In order to get the Apostille Certificate, it is required that you send  us your latest birth certificate issued by your county register.

So we can obtain for you the Apostille Certificate in 3-4 working days.

We can process either the long or short version of your birth certificate.

Once we have obtained the Apostille Certificate ,we will return inmediately the Apostille Certificate and your original birth certificate by mailing your document by Priorty Mail/ U.S. Postal Service and /orFEDEX, UPS.

For more information  805-832-9105 or  you may e-mail your questions at our contact section.

Also You may mail your  Birth Certificate to:
Apostilla Rapida
201 E. 4th St # 206
Oxnard, ca 93030