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  1. Weddings Abroad Apostilles

When you are getting married outside of the U.S.A .
Many foreign countries may require you to produce your legal documents such as Birth Certificates, Divorce Decrees, and Certificates of No Impediment with an Apostille Certificate attached.

This means that your original documents have to be legalized correctly before you travel For most people this is an added inconvenience while organizing their wedding.

Student Apostilles

Student ApostilleStudent Apostilles Our expert help and advice will assist our students through the process of getting academic documents issued with an Apostille Certificate for use abroad.

We will get the Apostille Certificates for the following documents:School transcripts, Diplomas, University degrees

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents are usually signed by one person issuing power to another person to act on their behalf in a foreign country.

This may be on behalf of a company or on behalf of another individual such as a relative.

You may be issuing power to an attorney or notary public in another country to act on your behalf.

It is most likely that your Power of Attorney will need an Apostille Certificate before being presented to the relevant overseas authorities.

Marriage Certificate

Using our service the Apostille Certificate can be attached to your wedding certificate.

There are many reasons why the Apostille may be required on a marriage certificate; The following are a few common reasons:

•Handling the affairs of a deceased partner overseas.

•Applying for a passport or making a visa application abroad.

•Providing evidence of your marriage to overseas authorities.

Death Certificates

Death CertificateApostille for all death certificates must be issued with a certificate of apostille.

A death certificate can be requested by a foreign authority.

To obtain a death certificate must be issued also the apostille certificate.

This may be due to the assets or property abroad as part of the estate of a person.

To legalize a death certificate can also request the last will and testament and also they must be legalized by the Apostille stamp.

Birth Certificate

In old days, It was normal for a birth certificate that it was  issued by your original country, it was usually accepted by the other  foreign country.

But, Since the 1962 Hague convention,many  member countries are now requiring  that your birth certificate it must have the Apostille Certificate before it presented and to be accepted by the foreign country and as your valid birth certificate.

Bachelor Degrees

bachelor degreeApostille for Bachelor Degrees or school transcripts.

We provide Apostille services of Bachelor Degrees, Doctorate Degrees, academic transcripts of grades from high school or elementary school, teacher’s licenses, and other documents issued in the United States.